Cathie Sabin passed away just before noon January 26 2014. Cathie was an amazing trainer and instructor that touched the lives of countless dogs and their owners for well over 30 years. She was also a mentor to many current and future trainers. While B.C. Dog Training is no longer in operation there are a handful of us trainers that worked with Cathie that are continuing what Cathie dedicated her life dogs and owners. The list that follows is part of this legacy. These are people that have worked closely with Cathie and will always have a part of Cathie with them as they move forward in their own training and instruction. Please check back soon as the list and information is compiled.

Janay Padron

Memorials for the care of Cathie's beloved animals can be made to:

Shirley Yagoda
N11W29888 St. James Way
Waukesha, WI 53188


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